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83Drug Discovery
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Nickel Catalysis
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80Drug Discovery
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Selected as a Hot Paper; Featured as an Inside Cover; Highlighted by WileyChem.
74Drug Discovery
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73Drug Discovery
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72Total Synthesis
Target ID
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Featured in Purdue News, ScienceDaily, NSF Research News, and others; Highlighted by X-MOL and Synfacts.
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Highlighted by X-MOL
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Highlighted by X-MOL and Synfacts
68Drug Discovery
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66Drug Discovery
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61Drug Discovery
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57Total Synthesis
Target ID
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Highlighted by Synfacts.
Total Synthesis
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Total Synthesis
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Highlighted by X-MOL.
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Highlighted by X-MOL.
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Highlighted by X-MOL and Synfacts.
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Featured as Front Cover.
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Highlighted by X-MOL and Synfacts.
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Highlighted by X-MOL.
48Drug Discovery
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Highlighted by Synfacts and in the Today’s Topic of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan: 2017, Vol. 55, No. 8, 523-525.
40Total Synthesis
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35Drug Discovery
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Highlighted by X-MOL.
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Highlighted by X-MOL and Synfacts.
Pd Catalysis
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Top 20 most read article in Organic Letters November 2014; The 2015 Organic Letters Outstanding Author of the Year Lectureship Award winning paper; Highlighed by Synfacts.
Pd Catalysis
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Total Synthesis
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Featured in SYNFORM and highlighted by Organic Chemistry Portal.
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Highlighted by Organic Chemistry Portal and Amphoteros.
23Drug Discovery
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Drug Discovery
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Highlighted by Organic Chemistry Portal ID: J48-Y2007-0160.
Diels-Alder reaction
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The 10th most-Accessed Articles: January-March, 2005; the 12th most-Accessed Articles: 2005; Highlighted by Organic Chemistry Portal ID: J42-Y2005-090.
Pd Catalysis
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Pd Catalysis
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Pd Catalysis
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Pd Catalysis
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